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Products are designed to enable rapid and simple collection of PRP with optimum concentration.

VACUSERA PRP Products are all CE-marked medical devices in accordance with directive 93/42/EEC and have been subjected to all tests such as biocompatibility and sterility as required by the certification.

DISERA offers high quality PRP products to its users with its experience and infrastructure in the production of evacuated blood collection tube since 2014.

VACUSERA PRP product groups consist of VACUSERA PRP Tube Sets including only tubes and of VACUSERA PRP Kits including accessories that may be required during PRP application together with tubes.

Easy to use in 4 basic steps

1 – Blood Collection

2 – Centrifugation

3 – PRP Collection

4 – Injection

Closed System
​Minimum Contamination

It allows the collection of PRP with a completely enclosed system, thus minimizing the risk of contamination.

Short Centrifugation Time
Quick Operation

Accelerates PRP preparation process with a 10-minute single-step centrifugation

Evacuated blood collection system including anticoagulant

Blood collection is carried out with evacuated blood collection tubes containing anticoagulant so that the anticoagulant:blood ratio is accurately provided without leaving it to the practitioner’s initiative.

High density PRP from a small amount of blood

Approximately 4ml PRP is obtained from whole blood collected from patients in only two pieces of 8ml evacuated tubes.

Sterile & Biocompatible

VACUSERA PRP Tubes are medical devices with CE certification in accordance with Directive 93/42 / EEC and have undergone all tests such as biocompatibility and sterility required by the certification.

Effective re-suspension mechanism 

Large-volume Re-Suspension Tubes, contained in both the tube sets and the kits, allow efficient homogenization of the PRP collected after centrifugation.

Both PRP Tubes Sets and PRP Kits are offered in two different contents: with gel and without gel. The choice between the advantages of two different systems is left to the user.


contain sodium citrate solution which helps keeping blood anticoagulated.

VACUSERA PRP Tubes with Gel

contain cell separator gel in addition to sodium citrate solution thus provide faster and more practical application.

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