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Therma D.A.S. plasma and endodermic radiofrequency

Therma D.A.S. combines plasma and endodermic radiofrequency in a comprehensive and technologically advanced device. The two technologies work in synergy to provide excellent aesthetic results reducing skin laxity, the appearance of rhytids, wrinkles and skin imperfections, and improving texture and skin quality.

Therma D.A.S. is the perfect choice for the physician who would like to provide his patients with
  • Visible results
  • Fast treatments
  • Painless technique
  • Minimally invasive procedures

Therma D.A.S. is a touch-screen device with an easy and intuitive interface allowing the simple choice between the two operating modes Endo D.A.S. and D.A.S. Pro Plasma according to the treatment to perform.

Watch now the video with Doctor Noura Lebbar to learn more about Therma D.A.S. functions, Endo D.A.S. and D.A.S. ProPlasma.

Endo D.A.S. Mode

Endo D.A.S. works in the subcutaneous tissue to induce neocollagenesis though thermal regulated radiofrequency. Intralifting technique is a painless and safe procedure, which does not cause any damages to the skin. Intralifting tightens the skin, improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and removes skin laxity by deep stimulation of collagen. Treatment sessions are fast, painless, and patients do not feel any discomfort. There is no need for painkillers, sedation or total anaesthetisation of the treated area. Endo D.A.S. patients will benefit from a long-lasting non-surgical lifting effect.

D.A.S. Pro Plasma Mode

D.A.S. Pro Plasma works in the superficial skin layers to reduce and remove aging signs, dermal and epidermal lesions. Plasma treatments with Dermo Ablation Surgery technologies are extremely safe thanks to frequency modulation. Frequency adjustment allow total control on thermal injury on the skin, this is a unique feature of D.A.S. devices.
Scientific papers and certifications support Dermo Ablation Surgery technology safety and efficacy.It is possible to choose two options when operating D.A.S. Pro Plasma: EASY and ADVANCED.

Easy Preset Mode

Easy is a preset operation mode where parameters are determined from the experts experience and scientific studies. This modality makes for fast and easy procedures. The firs setting to determine is the treatment to perform: the screen shows the most required treatments from patients among which non-surgical blepharoplasty, wrinkle and fine lines improvement, and removal of keratosis and xanthelasma.
The operator then have to select the skin type choosing from the Fitzpatrick phototyping scale symbols. Only then D.A.S. Pro Plasma becomes active and it is possible to start treatment.
EASY mode has been designed to improve treatment ease and speed: faster treatments make for an improved workflow and patient management.

Advanced Manual Mode

Advanced mode allows for an accurate customization of each treatment and presupposes the choices of Frequency and Power settings. Those settings can be adjusted to patient skin type, lesion, aging and type of skin (thin or thick) in order to provide excellent results with reduced downtime and discomfort.
Settings adjustment allow physician to manage patient expectations in the best possible way by deciding the number of sessions and treatment intensity according to patients demands.

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