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When you think of studio lighting, you probably think of elaborate multi-light setups, and while those certainly have their place, there’s no reason you can’t create compelling imagery with a single light. This great video will show you how to achieve exactly that. The shooting lessons are designed to start simple and build in complexity.

Principles of photography

irst, begins by shooting in one of the harshest possible light conditions, hard sunlight. Although most photographers shy away from this difficult to use lighting, demonstrates how you can use mid-day lighting.Next, teaches how you can use back-lighting, dappled light, and shade to further control the light illuminating your model. After covering natural light, proceeds to incorporate various lighting modifiers into his setup including large scrims and small reflectors.

The excitement and anticipation as we waited to see the next piece of unpredictable chaos was electric. These straps are all hand-made from our two good friends in Saigon, who are leather-makers, singers, and entrepreneurs. Also remember that money spent on traveling and experiences is always a better investment than buying new gear . 

These straps are all hand-made from our two good friends in Saigon, who are leather-makers, singers, and entrepreneurs.

“I guess I’m a fairly simple photographer. There is very little hocus-pocus about what I do.”
Joan Dean

Once the basics of natural light have been covered out on location, invites you into his personal studio where he steps up the complexity. It is here where you will learn how to build unique sets and backgrounds using easily accessible materials found anywhere. The first studio lesson incorporates both studio strobes and natural light.

Basic rules of photography

Perhaps some of the most valuable information in this entire tutorial is shared within the business lessons. Not only shares how he got started and became successful in the industry, he also offers business advice on pricing and marketing. He distinguishes between editorial and commercial work and gives examples of how he might price and invoice specific jobs based on their unique markets.

I shoot because I see. I shoot because if I don’t, I don’t know who will. Activism is seen as a dirty word. I shoot because I find peace in being especially active, and being a vigorous advocate for a cause. Photography can defeat time. Images can keep the memory of a loved one alive, hold a moment in history for future generations, be a witness to tragedy or joy.

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