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Tesla Former – 4 CHANNELS

Magnetic Muscle Stimulation and Total Body Sculpting

TESLAFormer™ provides patients with a more concentrated, targeted and unique treatment for body forming using Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS).

Clinically backed TESLAFormer uses the next generation FMS technology for muscle strengthening, toning, and sculpting the body on areas of glutes, abs, hamstring and thighs, calves, arms, back and pelvic floor muscles like no other device out there.

TESLAFormer provides pulsed magnetic fields contracting the muscles through its effect on motor nerves of the muscle on the target site. TeslaFormer provides 3 different size of body applicators; XXL(Abs, Glutes, Thighs), XL(Most Versatile handpiece) and M(Arms). The TeslaChair can also be plugged in to the TeslaFormer to treat weakened pelvic floor muscles and all types of incontinence issues(Urge, Stress, Mix). FMS Technology can also benefit patients with sexual dysfunction and chronic pain.

– Body shaping
– Muscle mass growth and strengthening
– Sports injury rehabilitation
– Stay in shape
– Buttocks lifting
– Prevents bad posture

– Buttocks
– Adbomen
– Arms
– Legs
– Body core
– Back muscles
– Pelvic floor


TeslaFormer provides 3 different size of body applicators; XXL(Abs, Glutes, Thighs), XL(Most versatile handpiece) and M(Arms & Calves).


With the NEW TESLAFormer4 you can treat multiple areas in a session using 4 applicators.


The TeslaChair can be plugged in to the system to treat all types of incontinence issues (Urge, Stress, Mix). FMS Technology can also benefit patients with sexual dysfunction and chronic pain. It has over 35 pre-set programmes.


  • Builds muscle and reduces subcutaneous fat(Clinically proven with MRI Results)
  • Target multiple areas with in a session
  • In total 3 different size of body applicators available (XXL, Xl and M)
  • The World’s first XXL applicator designed specifically for the glutes, abs and thighs.
  • TeslaChair for Pelvic Floor and back strengthening.
  • Core Muscle Strengthening targeting the Pelvic Floor, Back and Abs simultaneously
  • Cycle approach which the body cannot adapt to the contractions.
  • More than 200 pre-set treatment protocols (Aesthetics, Physical Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Gyneacology, Urology and Andrology)
  • Alternating & simultaneously working applicators using higher energy levels
  • Interchangeable applicators
  • 4 Channels
  • Clinical Papers
  • Medical CE
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