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Benefits for the doctor


LipoSaver reduces damages to tissue and bleeding for a clean operating field and for great during and post-surgery patient’s comfort. The effect of the ultrasound has also a very good retraction effect on sagging skin, increasing results predictability and reducing the occurrence of skin irregularities. LipoSaver safety and reliability are a great advantage for the surgeon.

All the advantages of LipoSaver

Precise contouring
Quick removal of big fat bulks
Reuse of clustered fat
Reduced invasiveness
Excellent ROI
Reduced fatigue for physician
Sculpting of delicate and fibrous areas
Reduced trauma
Short recovery times
Better skin retraction

Easy removal of big quantity of fat and small adipose pockets through customizable settings

Treatment of fat tissue and fibrotic tissue with ease and reduced trauma

Clusterization allow to aspirate the fat cells efficiently and rapidly, reducing fatigue of the surgeon

LipoSaver is a safe device thanks to the calibration and monitoring of frequency modulation of the probes. These unique features allows a constant energy emission for excellent aesthetic results

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