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VACUSERA PRP with Gel products, containing the cell separating gel, are based on the principle of easily collecting the PRP layer formed on the gel after centrifugation by inverting several times.

PRP obtained is pure and dense, since the blood components that are undesirable to be contained in the PRP remain under the cell separating gel after centrifugation. The transfer device and luer-lock injector system included in the kit make PRP collection very easy and safe.

VACUSERA PRP Tubes with Gel contain a cell separating gel which allows the separation of platelets from erythrocytes. In this way, the plasma portion where the platelets are concentrated after centrifugation can be easily collected.

VACUSERA PRP Kit with Gel also includes accessories such as blood collection set, syringe, needles, and transfer device required during PRP application using PRP Tubes with Gel. 

The accessories included in the kit, when used as recommended, are sufficient for all steps from blood collection to injection and do not require the use of an extra product.

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