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VACUSERA PRP, supplied without gel,

provides an apparent buffy coat formation after centrifugation. With the help of the accessories included in the kit, this buffy coat, which includes the PRP, can be easily collected.

VACUSERA PRP TUBE SET include 2 pcs of PRP Tubes and 1 pc of Re-suspension Tube. PRP tubes contain sodium citrate to prevent blood clotting. After centrifugation, about 4 ml of plasma obtained from two PRP tubes are collected in the Re-suspension Tube. Thanks to its large internal volume, Re-suspension Tube ensures a homogeneous PRP when inverted.

VACUSERA PRP KIT, consist of accessories that can be needed during PRP application such as blood collection set, syringes and needles. When used as recommended, accessories placed in the kits are sufficient for all steps from blood collection to injection and do not require the use of any extra products.

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