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Sonic Shaper

The most effective tool to treat excess localized adipose tissue deposits

Sonic Shaper provides a non-invasive, painless, safe and fast alternative to liposuction procedures.

Various areas of the body can be contoured without scarring or a recovery period.

Low frequency ultrasound with vacuum technology – radial endoderm therapy RDT.

A powerful combination of low frequency ultrasound with RDT vacuum technology leads to the unique highly effective body contouring treatment.

Sonic Shaper allows combined ultrasound vacuum treatment to be focused on a very specific area and concentrating its effectiveness on the subcutaneous fatty tissue, while leaving the rest of the surrounding tissues unchanged.

The efficacy of the treatment is enhanced using intelligent vacuum levels built into the RDT vacuum technology.

The vacuum creates a skin fold and presses it firmly against the aplicator, thus providing a highly selective and safe treatment. The controlled and constant pressure in the skin fold uniforms the treatments and makes the results independent of the therapy treatment technique.

Applicators of different sizes allow for easy access to all body areas.

Smart pulsed vacuum (SMV)
Effective and user friendly.

of subcutaneous fat tissue.

Massage effect
and increased blood circulation.

See the results
immediately after the first session.

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