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Benefits for patients


LipoSaver is a highly reliable and safe device. Patients will benefit from the advanced technology and outstanding and long-lasting results. It will be possible to reshape the silhouette with high definition liposuction or obtain a debulking of large fat volumes to get in shape. LipoSaver surgeries are mini invasive, therefore patients will not have to go through a long post-operative recovery or suffer from visible scars.

Treatment effect are immediately visible. Patients will be able to appreciate a sculpted body and defined silhouette

LipoSaver can be used on the whole body to sculpt trouble areas and reduce fat deposits

LipoSaver technology is totally safe and gives predictable and certain results with a minimal invasiveness

Reduced Invasiveness
Patients will be able to get back to normal daily activities in a short time. LipoSaver high definition liposuction does not leave signs or big scars and does not have a long downtime

Jaw Line Female Courtesy of Dr. Jaeho Jo

Jaw Line Female Courtesy of Dr. Jaeho Jo

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